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Puppys teeth ok to be pulled out or no?

i went to the vet today and he said my puppy who is 1yr still has baby teeth and they need to be pulled out. i hesiated because i dont want him to go through that pain. i also spoke to the previous owner and he said his teeth are fine and has dental records from his vet. what should i do?

Puppys teeth ok to be pulled out or no?
I am in NO way saying that your vet is wrong but sometimes it is not easy to tell if they are baby teeth or not. I was told that my dog had a baby tooth still in and he went for a dental and they found out that it was just not sitting in the proper spot and kind of covering the other tooth but not causing a problem.

One of the best things you could do is book your dog in for a dental cleaning and then they can have a better look to see they need to be pulled or not. Dental cleaning are a VERY good idea, your dog will live longer and be healthier. He will be under anaesthetic and most likely he will get pain medication if they pull the teeth. I have seen a dog have 16 adult teeth pulled in one day. Went home on some pain meds and ate soft food for a week and was fine.

Don't forget to brush!

P.S. whatever you do, don't pull them yourself!!!!
Reply:If your pup still has it's puppy teeth and it's adult teeth are coming in or are in then the puppy teeth should be pulled. It will be more painful for the pup to retain both adult teeth and puppy teeth at the same time.
Reply:Well - your vet is the one looking at them - not us. Does he have both the baby tooth and the adult tooth in the same spot? If so - then you need to get the baby tooth out soon or the adult will crowd and could become crooked. This did happen with one of my dogs, although I didn't wait until she was a year. I didn't let them pull it though - I wiggled the baby tooth every day for a few days and it came out - just like a human tooth
Reply:If you have not gotten a copy of all the records that the previous owner has, you should get them. For something like this, I would say get a second opinion from another vet. Bring the records to the vet that you visit. It sounds like you got time to figure it out.
Reply:I saw older dogs' teeth being pullled when they went bad, and they were put under anesthesia when that is done. If the vet thinks it needs to be done (get a specific reason, and you can even get a second opinion from another vet) it won't traumatize the dog at all.
Reply:Puppys have very little felling or nerves in there puppy teeth. My Puppy had to get his teeth pulled and it worked out great I think it's a good idea.
Reply:go back to the vet and show him the dental records and see what he/she has to say
Reply:if needed ,pull it out,if u dont want it to have that pain buy anbesol and put it on the gums of that particular spot and let it sit for about 30secs and then pull it out!

hope that helped!^_^
Reply:******PULL 'EM!!!!!!********


They'll ROT,cause the ADULT teeth to ROT,cause mal-formation of the BITE!

No "pain" ya dimmy...never heard of ANESTHESIA??

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