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Can you bathe a 2-3 week old puppy?

me and my family just got 2 puppies that i'm guessing are 2-3 weeks old. they're not even weened yet and can barely walk. they dont really have teeth yet either and their fur is getting a lttle sticky so i was wondering if its safe to give them a bath now. or should we just use warm water but no dog shampoo? all i know is that if they had their mother then she would be licking them clean.

and also what is the best kind of milk for them or can they eat wet puppy food? can i also give them water too?

Can you bathe a 2-3 week old puppy?
Why are those pups away from their mother? If something bad happened and you are stepping up, good for you, but if they were just taken away that early, that is not good!

Don't wash them with soap this early. If you have to just use a warm washcloth, but dont let them get cold.

They are going to need puppy formula. please get a vet check and get them to help show you how to feed them.
Reply:I'd wait until she's weened from her mothers milk.

That's like a pre-mature thing.
Reply:They sell puppy wipe things that you can clean them with.

There should be formula at petstores for puppies. ou shouldn't give them water. They need milk.

Good luck wiht the puppies!
Reply:you need to wait...and if it rly bothers you take them to the vet and tell them...theyll know how to bathe them....and if you cant do that wipe them of with a warm washcloth...make sure its wrung out really good! and keep them warm
Reply:you need to consult with a vet....this is a lot of responsiblity and an iffy situation without the proper help and care as these dogs are much too young to be pets
Reply:Take them to a vet right away to find out exactly how you should be taking care of them, they will also be able to tell you how old they are.

If they are really that young, they should be bottle fed puppy formula. You can get it at any petstore along with bottles or syringes to feed them.

As for bathing, don't do it unless they are really dirty. Heat up the bathroom so its nice and warm and take the puppies in there, then wipe them off with a warm, wet washcloth. Don't use shampoo and don't submerge them in water. Immediately dry them off and wrap them in a towel for a while, if they are only 2 or 3 weeks old they won't be able to keep up their body temperature when they are wet.
Reply:Only use the cloth disposable dog wipes on a baby so small. Or you can use a warm wash cloth well wrung out. The threat is that they will get a chill. Momma is the one that would lick them clean at this age. Why on earth did you take babies so young? It may cause some issues both of health and behavior later on because of this. They really need momma til they are at least 7 weeks old. Buy puppy formula at the pet store. Do not use cows milk. Not enough for them at this stage. They must have water in some form. If eyes are not open and they are not walking, formula should be enough.
Reply:Poor little things, I'm guessing there's a good reason why they're not with their momma but it's not a good situation. However, as for bathing them, I wouldn't do it yet if they're really only 2 or 3 weeks old. Little puppies don't have great control over their body temperature and depending on their breed, size, coat etc. they could get really chilled. If you think it's absolutely necessary, make sure you bath them in warm (not hot) water in a nice warm room, don't use anything other than a very mild puppy shampoo (NOT one that's a flea shampoo or similar) and get them properly dried off in warm towels.

Feed them a good, high quality dry puppy food mixed with warm goats milk or special puppy formula that you can buy at the petstore or get from your veterinarian. They will need water too, but a lot will depend on how good they lap, they'll probably make a horrible mess to start with, but it will get better!

You can find tons of free tips, advice and information on raising puppies at the url below. Good luck with them!
Reply:no, it's not cumpulsary
Reply:I have a litter of puppies that just turned 3 weeks old yesterday. Momma seems scared of there teeth so I started them on puppy chow today soak it in HOT water till it is mushy all the way through. You can let them try some water but keep it shallow they can drown I would supervise it as well. They should stay with the mom till 8 weeks of age but sometimes it doesn't always work out like that. Hope this helps, good luck.

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