Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How can I stop my puppy from chewing walls?

My puppy is six months old. She has been great so far, she tries to bite a lot but we understand that it is because she is teething and we are teaching her that it is not allowed. However, she has now started chewing at walls and wall corners, through the wall paper and leaving teeth marks in the plaster. She has plenty of toys to play with and we leave the radio on for her when we are not around to play.

How can we get her out of this habit before two rooms become one??!!!!!!!

How can I stop my puppy from chewing walls?
try different chewies and treats with different hardness like soft and harder chews. lambs ears are sometimes a good try. also talk to your vet about any minerals that your pup may be lacking if it is craving the glue or drywall maybe something is just missing from the diet. then you might also consider kennel breaking your pup so that when your away it feels secure and is in a crate so that you can watch and disipline when home and not worry when you need to leave.
Reply:Mine did that too. Give your puppy more attention or the puppy might grow out of it

either way works

Reply:Put tabasco sauce on the things you know he chews and shouldnt'. You can also buy this stuff at the pet store that tastes bitter.
Reply:Give it more attention, try giving it more chew toys or it will eventuallly stop.


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